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10 Ways to Up Your Earl Grey Game

October 10, 2015

By Jovita Ang


110. Flourless Dark Chocolate Souffle and Earl Grey Cream. Recipe and image via Artful Desperado


Chocolatey, creamy, yet super light.

Earl Grey: flavoured Black tea with bergamot

I remember how my eyebrows crinkled when I took my first sip of Earl Grey tea. It was oddly fragrant, and I have never tasted anything like that before. Still confused, but I found myself quickly reaching for the second sip, then the third, and not long later, downing the very last bit. While it might be best to savour tea on its own, Earl Grey has been hugely favoured by culinary enthusiasts and taking center stage in several creative ways.


If you thought Earl Grey makes only fragrant muffins, it’s time to up your game. Here’s how:

29. Milk Chocolate and Earl Grey Budino. Recipe and image via Food and Wine


Pudding goes way beyond just a nice custardy fragrance. This velvety chocolate budino shows you just how.

38. Chocolate Earl Grey Tarlets. Recipe and image via The Jewels of New York


When you combine two huge favourites, there really isn’t a need to say much. Chocolate Earl Grey tartlets are always welcomed.

47. Earl Grey Latte Pops. Recipe and image via Dessert For Two


This summer treat is a double bonus: extremely tasty and a breeze to make.


6. Earl Grey Lemon Cheesecake. Recipe and image via Gluten Free Vegan Pantry


Go on, take a second slice. Enjoy yourself, minus the guilt.

65. Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Truffles recipe and image via Wicked Spatula


Forget popcorns on movie night, pop these little decadent cocoa gems instead.

84. Earl Grey and Lemon Ice cream. Recipe and image via O&O Eats


For double the decadence, we suggest a scoop (or two) atop some warm scones.

93. Earl Grey Caramels. Recipe and image via Candy


These Earl Grey Caramels are perfect for when you’re in need of a sugar rush, all without overdoing it. 

102. Earl Grey Tea Macarons with Orange infused White Chocolate Ganache. Recipe and image via Lawren Caris Cooks


You might be greeted with trays of uneven or broken shells, but don’t give up. We promise all will be worth it.

111. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail. Recipe and image via Sugar and Charm


The next time Mum says cocktails are bad, tell her this one’s different.


Now, looks like the kitchen’s calling.

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