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3 Tea Alternatives To Coffee

September 26, 2016

Having lesser caffeine level than coffee, teas are mostly drank during midday teatime or in the evenings to wind down. Equally like coffee, teas have its own set of health benefits too. We’ve round up our favourite tea picks to trade in our cup of Joe for that extra kick of vigour.


Green Tea
Loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins, these substances reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. Catechins in green tea slows down the process of bacteria growth and helps lower the risks of gum infections. In other words, goodbye morning bad breath! And although its caffeine presence may not be as much as coffee, it provides enough to wake you in the morning without the caffeine crash in the afternoon.


We recommend Artisan Marrakesh Mint, a green tea base with mint leaves and lemongrass for that extra kick in the a.m. Brew this tea overnight in the fridge as a cold brew, like you would with coffee, and you’re ready for the day without the rush.


Or if you prefer a more comforting, creamier cup, try our Matcha Bliss. Simply add warm milk to the Matcha powder and you’re good to go. Learn how to shake one up here.


Black Tea
The most common type of tea amongst tea drinkers, black tea is recognized as a mental stimulant. The substance related to caffeine, theophylline found in black tea will keep you up and running for the slow morning.


We recommend Artisan British Breakfast, a blend of Assam, Chinese and Ceylon Tea. This quintessential British-style tea has robust, full-bodied flavours with slight floral edge – not too plain nor strong for a start to the day.


Or take your morning sip up a notch with Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope from the Gryphon Grand Cru Collection. The smoky notes with subtle hint of flora perfectly fill-in the notes of freshly brewed coffee.


If you’re an avid tea drinker, you would know that Rooibos contain zero caffeine. How is this even a substitute? For those who need a perk me up without a caffeine boost, or is allergic to caffeine, Rooibos is the perfect alternative to coffee. Made from the shrub Aspalathus Linearis only found in Africa, this tea helps to boost the digestive tract. Sounds perfect to start the day free from digestive issues.

Try our Artisan Azteca d’Oro Rooibos tea with Madagascan Cacao and Caramel. The chocolate notes makes a decadent morning brew as iced or hot – that’s almost like having dessert for breakfast without compromising on health concern. Learn how to make cold brew of Azteca d’Oro here!


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