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Award-Winning Artisan Selection Teas

November 19, 2015

By Jovita Ang




Often referred to as the “Oscars” for food and drinks, the Great Taste Awards is organised by the Guild of Fine Food and sees 400 judges gathering in the United Kingdom each year to select the world’s finest contributions to dining. All winning entries are given a rating of between 1 and 3 stars. Gryphon Tea Company has been a proud winner since 2008 and we’re delighted to have once again, been awarded the prestigious star of the Great Taste Awards. Several blends from our Artisan Selection – Osmanthus Sencha, Marrakesh Mint, and Pearl of the Orient – are multi-award winners, recognised for their balanced and delicate flavour. 

GTA_Contessa Grey

Gryphon Contessa Grey. This black tea blend combines interesting citrus and floral notes with a gentle menthol finish, creating layers of flavours yet still distinctly recognisable.


Gryphon Hanami. An elegant steamed green tea perfumed with soft sweet notes of cherry blossoms, Spring never tasted better.


GTA_Marrakesh Mint

Gryphon Marrakesh Mint. Everyone needs a good pick-me-up. We created one in the form of soothing green tea, livened up with refreshing bursts of herbaceous notes.



Gryphon Mogambo. Sweet summer apples and passionfruit all lovingly blended with South African honeybush, and a tangy touch of pomegranate flowers for that addictive sweet and sour contrast. There’re hints of sweet and tangy notes all in balanced proportions.  


GTA_Osmanthus SenchaGryphon Osmanthus Sencha. The delicate green tea base hits you on first sip, then the gentle caramel notes speak to you. You take a second sip and what greets you is a well-rounded sweetness, creamy and harmonious flavours dancing on your palate.


GTA_Straits Chai

Gryphon Straits Chai. The brew to have for days when you crave something hot, spicy, and absolutely comforting. Add some frothed milk then sprinkle some freshly grated nutmeg for an extra indulgent finishing touch.


Gryphon Tomatino. We thought it was time we brought vegetables into the tea blending room. The end blend is a daring introduction of tomato, carrot, beetroot, combined with sweet apples and zesty oranges, revealing unique layers of flavour all harmoniously sealed into one.


And if you’re not sure where to start, we thought the Gryphon Subscription Program would come in handy; enjoy a variety of teas all helpfully delivered to your doorstep every month. No matter teas from the Artisan Selection or Gourmet Selection, this program has got you covered and well satisfied. 


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