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Bidding 2016 Adieu, Hello 2017!

December 31, 2016

We can’t believe 2016 is almost over! This year has been more amazing than we could hoped for. Full of hard but rewarding work, a row of new creations, a couple of awards, new friends and corporate partners and the chance to celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary together with the launch of our new flagship brand, Monogram Tea. But most importantly, we wouldn’t be able to come this far without the support of you, our fellow readers, followers and customers. 


Before we hit our computers to sleep, we’d like to share and round up a couple of our humble achievements in 2016 with you, starting with yet another year of receiving the Great Taste Award for our Artisan Teas for the 9th year running. Truly, Gryphon Artisan Selection was the root of it all – creating unique blends that are inspired by the Asian culture and ingredients, we carefully craft these teas to perfection, catering to a wide audience of tea drinkers. Whether you prefer black or green tea, decaf or caffeinated, Artisan Selection has them all . So thank you for all the support you’ve given us since our humble beginnings. 

Moving forward, we visited Melbourne for the Australia Fine Foods 2016. There we met some more friends who turned into business partners who gave us the opportunity to enter the Australian community. Hello Aussies! 



But that’s not all, later this year, we celebrated our 10th year anniversary along the launch of our new flagship brand, Monogram Tea. If you’ve visited Tangs at Orchard the last few weeks, you most probably have seen or tried our Monogram Tea. Unfortunately, our humble pop-up store has closed now. So keep your eyes peeled on it as we’re working really hard on creating a bespoke website for Monogram Tea. And with that, we’d like to wish everyone a blessed and joyful 2017!




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