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Cherry Iced Tea

April 12, 2017

Putting together an Easter spread can be exhausting, time consuming and by the time you think you’re done, there’s the drinks. It’s even tiring when you’ve got a kid or two around. Oh those cute little bunnies!


Exactly why we think that drinks at Easter and for any other seasons should be quick, easy and non-compromising. This mildly sweet and tart Cherry iced tea will work wonders and pairs well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Top this with Bombay Sapphire Gin and you’ll get an easy highball cocktail. Make this Cherry Iced Tea in a pitcher and brew overnight before serving over ice and toppings of choice.

gryphon tea-cherry cassis

Makes a litre

You’ll need:

1 litre room temperature, distilled water

20 grams of Cherry Cassis tea

About 3 silken sachets or enough to fit 20 grams of teas separately.

Sweetener *Optional


To make:

Fill the silken sachets with teas and brew for 8 hours or overnight in the chiller.

Remove teabags and add ice into the pitcher. Serve with 1:3 of Gin and Tea if making a highball tea cocktail and garnish with a cherry or two, or find more garnishing ideas here. Otherwise, serve this Cherry iced teas with sweetener on sides.


Take easy sips while the little bunnies do their egg hunt or explore Gryphon Iced Tea collection to make a pitcher or more for larger spreads in the future.

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