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Make a Decadent Chocolate Hojicha Latte

July 7, 2016

There are so many kinds of comfort food and drinks out there and to each its own. But if there’s one thing nobody can say no to, it’s chocolates. Yes!


As a child, we’ve always seen them as special joyful treats that we can’t get enough of. As we grow older, the idea of chocolates still hasn’t changed much except to how we describe them; a simple decadence. And to some, a cup of hot chocolate is an instant mood booster, reliving the good old days.


One of our favourites go-to are ready-mixed cocoa and Gryphon chocolate-based roasted Hojicha, Xo Chocolatey , requires just a dash of hot milk and some simple finger movements. In other words, your drink will be ready in a jiffy. To make a velvety mug for one, recipe to follow. (Infact, we don’t think this is even a recipe)

Gryphon Tea Chocolate Hojicha Latte

Xo Chocolatey Latte

This recipe serves 1 but this toasty cocoa goodness should be shared, so double up accordingly.



2 teaspoon Xo Chocolatey
200ml Hot milk (we prefer full cream type but most milk works, including soy)

To Make

Heat milk and pour over Xo Chocolatey Premix. Stir until powder’s completely mixed and dissolved.  Enjoy!


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