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Coffee Like You’ve Never Had It Before

April 29, 2016

By Jovita Ang 




You’re probably familiar with lavender tea, cookies, cakes and ice-cream. But lavender coffee? 

If like me, you like your coffee in classic fashion: unsweetened and with a good dose of steamed milk, chances are you’re more skeptical than excited about a cup of lavender latte. A signature by The Bravery cafe, this is a latte of lavender infused base with a single espresso shot, finished with frothy steamed milk and edible lavender buds. I love a good strong cup of coffee, so an extra shot was very much necessary. 




On first sip, you’re greeted with obvious yet delicate lavender top notes. Though a pleasant surprise, I was still wondering whether I liked it a not. On second taste, you get a more pronounced coffee flavour (not sure if the extra espresso shot helped) but what really drew me in, was this harmonious blend of coffee and lavender notes. It’s still very much like your usual fix of cafe latte, except this time, you get punctuations of elegant lavender nuances. Would I have it again? No doubt. Two cups at once even.




Located at 66 Horne Road, this coffee spot is about a 10 minutes walk from Lavender MRT station. If you happen to be within the area and would like a comfortable place to chill at, The Bravery cafe makes for a nice option. If not, grab a cup of Lavender latte to go. 


From now till 11th May 2016, you get a chance to win home a Gryphon Artisan Subscription Box each time you dine at The Bravery! Here’s how.  

24 thoughts on “Coffee Like You’ve Never Had It Before”

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