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Dance With Tea At Kotobuki Coffee

November 16, 2016



Nestled in a cozy corner of the first floor or Wisma Atria, Kotobuki Coffee stands like a doorway that transports one into a rustic cottage with comely lighting, dark wood tones, and elegant furnishing. Like most Japanese food establishments, charming life-like models of signature items offered on the menu sit on neat shelves at the left hand corner by the entrance.



Settling for the seats we took our time took our time to decide before, having our orders taken for a late lunch. From the menu we selected a Mentaiko Spaghetti set ($18), highly flavourful and full of umami goodness. We selected the Snow Yuzu cake ($9.50) for dessert for the tarty characteristics of yuzu which we love. For our drinks, we ordered the Dancing Iced Mint Lemon Green Tea ($15), and Ice Blended Hojicha Chocolate ($9.90).

The highlight of our order, are the dancing iced teas. Dubbed so, because of the way the tea leaves dance in the diffuser as they steep. Kotobuki formulated three exquisite flavours that go beyond the usual iced tea variants. With three types of Iced tea, green, white, and fruit tisane, patrons have a choice of caffeine level according to the flavours on the menu



Our Dancing Iced Lemon Green Tea arrived and was steeped for three minutes in an infuser with fresh boiled water poured by the friendly hostess. The tea was then dispensed into a pitcher of ice with fresh mint leaves and zesty lemon slices. Sugar syrup was also provided on the side if a sweeter profile is something you prefer.

The result is a herby flavour of fine quality Japanese green tea coming together with hints of lemon and mint to form refreshing melodies on the tongue quite unlike many iced teas we’ve tasted.

Every serving comes with enough tea for two cups and can be steeped a second time upon request (because of flavour loss, a third steeping is not recommended).




Our lunch arrives along with the Snow Yuzu dessert. We tuck into the cake (because desserts are more important than the first course) and were pleasantly greeted by the light zesty combination of fresh cream neatly spread over yuzu sponge layers in a dome shape.

I could taste mini bits of candied yuzu rind with every bite of cake I took which added a bright sweetness, and a little texture to the light sponge and smooth fresh cream.Together with the iced tea, the pairing was a refreshing treat, light on the palette and easy on our bellies.



Having a light dessert to go with the chocolate Hojicha Ice Blend was a great combination as well. The sweet tartness in the cake accentuated the roasted chocolate notes of the drink splendidly.

Our main course, the Mentaiko Spaghetti was delicious with the perfect blend of al dante spaghetti and umami spicy cod roe. Scrumptious with a hint of spiciness in every mouthful. We were especially satisfied with this dish. Each set meal comes with a side salad and soup of the day. Set meals are available all day, which makes it a very affordable option for a meal in town.



In all, we had a great lunch date. I would certainly love to return and try the other two dancing tea flavours along with the rest of their interesting menu items.

Though this cafe serves Japanese western fusion fare, Kotobuki Coffee has a sister Izakaya restaurant situated right beside. Find traditional Japanese food options like yakimono, and agemono dishes that pair well with alcoholic drinks for a dinner night out with colleagues. Being in such close proximity to the MRT station and found in the heart of town, this place is not to be missed.




Kotobuki Coffee


Singapore 238877

Tel: 6734 7767

Facebook: Click Me

Website: Click Me

Business Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm

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