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Get Blending – Tea For Every Resolution

February 21, 2017


Steep into the second month of the year, the beginning days of 2017 seem to have breezed by. With the New Year based on both Gregorian and Lunar calendars celebrated here in Asia, it feels as if the year has only just begun and resolutions can finally be given some serious thought.

In the second installment of Get Blending, the aim is to help you along the way no matter your focus this year. This post is perfect for every single well laid plan you might have. You may have heard about fitness teas and detox drinks. But know that it all begins with teas and herbs. Let this post pave the way to understanding tea blends a little more with how you might pair blends throughout the hours of your day.


Resolution #1 Fitness
Lose fat, gain muscles, improve energy, these are the buzz words right now on the topic of fitness. We’re all busy folks here and energy is absolutely important when you have to choose between longer sleep and that meaningful workout session. Whether you’re the Yogalate groupie, the HIIT freak, or you just want to start somewhere. Begin here, with these energy giving, metabolism boosting, divine blends.


Summer Peach Black Tea – Rich in tannins, black tea make a great drink for preventing degenerative illnesses like heart problems. Tannins are also found in red wine, and explains for their heart health properties. It also contains the highest amount of caffeine amongst all tea types, which make it the perfect coffee substitute for the afternoon. If you’re a fan of fruit infused water, this blend is perfect brewed cold and with fruits too.

Mangosteen and Pear – I’m going to assume that along with the resolution to get fitter, you’ve planned on adding more fruits and vegetables into your meals. After all, it has been proven that you are what you eat. This blend makes a fantastic supplement to your meals. While drinking water is always good for you, mix up your routine with this blend of the queen of fruits and her cooling counterpart.



Resolution #2 Focus
Got a promotion in mind? Perhaps a certain distinction hanging like a star in the sky. Whatever the aim, and where ever it may be, reach it with a clear mind and sharp senses. Mint goes a long way with helping one focus. Try these blends out with some honey, agave, or sugar as you wish.


Chocolate Truffle Mint – Getting into the zone doesn’t mean no more fun. A black tea blend of chocolate nibs and mint, let it hone in your focus and keep your spirits up. This tea is great if you’ve had a heavy meal as well. Not only helping your food sit better and digest, the mint also brings an awakening to the senses. Never a dull moment with this tea.

Blood Orange – Tangy and springy, let this blend put a bounce in your step. Lots of ingredients go into the making of this blend to create a balanced flavour on the palate. A truly refreshing brew, take this hot or cold (we prefer cold) with your ham and cheese submarine as you sit down to that final revision.


Resolution #3 Serenity
No one really says, “world peace” anymore when questioned what they wish for in life. But peace of mind is still so prized that it warrants billions of dollars spent on medicine each year. Keep calm therefore, with these blends in hand. Herbal and caffeine-free, they calm the senses and promote serotonin production the natural way.


Bale and Pandan – Comforting pandan greets your nose with accompanying lemongrass upon brewing this natural detoxifier. Cleanse thy body while relieving thyself of stress with a cup of this Thai blend. Strike that yoga pose in confidence as you sip on a refreshing cold brew of this tea. Recipe here.

Swiss Berry Herbs – What’s a relaxing tea without some chamomile mixed in? Hug a cup of this comforting blend tonight before heading to bed. Packed also, with remedial hibiscus flowers, cheery blueberries, and a little kick of orange zest. This herbal brew is bound to set you on a journey of sweet dreams.


Resolution #4 Cookie Points
Apart from drinking tea, perhaps it’s time to explore cooking with tea. An extremely easy and fun activity to explore, we’ve tried our hand at it with our matcha cheese cake (here), Christmas cookies (here) and many more. But beyond the realm of the Western kitchen, tea is also used widely in Asian dishes. The next time you’re thinking of making some cookies or a batch of noodles, look to these tea blends for some inspiration.


French Vanilla Sencha – After inhaling the aroma of this tea, blitz this majestic blend into a fine powder and pour it into your next batch of scones. Treat your senses to the toasty notes of sencha mixed with velvety vanilla. Spread on a generous dollop of clotted cream and enjoy this antioxidant rich treat.

Osmanthus Oolong – The next time you’re making some osmanthus jelly, try using an infusion of this pleasant blend in place of hot water. Light and floral, this blend is delightful with milk custards and cheesecakes as well.



No matter your resolve, have a cup of tea to help you along the way. While coffee is great, tea adds flavour and colour to your everyday activities. Now go forth, and make this 2017 your best year yet. 

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