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Your Gift Guide This February

February 8, 2019

Romance is in the air. February heralds in a slew of rom-coms on repeat, restaurants touting “Deluxe Valentine’s Dinner for 2”, and cringe-worthy clichéd captions on social media between love-struck couples and their over-the-top gifts.


But for us, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. They are also good opportunities to show the people you love – both friends and family, just how much you love and appreciate them too! Get inspired here by our curated gift ideas for anyone on your list.
1. Ethically sourced and made clothes 

If you want to give a gift that is both comfortable, stylish and more importantly, ethically made, look no further than KOTN. Borne from a desire for good quality, simple essentials that don’t cost a fortune, this company offers products made from its namesake – authentic Egyptian cotton. The company works hard to ensure that they work directly with local Egyptian farmers to source for the raw cotton ethically, and engages cut-and-sew factories that ensure their employees receive fair wages. Why not spread the love this Valentine’s Day with super comfy cotton tees, sweatshirts and more?

2. Tea

For a gift that exudes sophistication and timeless appeal, you can gift them a box of tea. The beauty of tea lies in its elegance and depth of character. Each variant of tea, whether black, green, white or oolong, carries with it a unique character and style. Here are some teas that we recommend gifting this Valentine’s Day:

Flowers aren’t just pretty to look at, they are delightful complements to tea leaves too! This blend features a classic black tea with a light infusion of Violets. This cup seamlessly joins the heavier notes of black tea leaves with softer floral notes.

A green tea blend infused with spring flowers and ripened berries. The slight tartness from the berries balances the sweet fragrance from the spring flowers.

Think steamed green tea perfumed with soft sweet notes of cherry blossoms, Spring never tasted better.

This is another black tea blend that opens with fragrant hints of roses, and develops with nuanced coconut and almond aromas.

Great for true romanticists, these rose buds offer more than just aesthetics to your cup. This herbal infusion presents with a clean, light and flavourful profile with just the right amount of romance in a cup.

3. Hand Poured Soy Candles 

We love artisanal products and hand poured candles are no exception! Each Sally’s Room candle is made in small batches, from 100% soy wax and infused with premium essential oils sourced from a scent maker in Switzerland. Soy wax is a great alternative to paraffin wax as it lengthens the burn time, while the premium essential oils used ensures that the fragrances are not overpowering and artificial smelling.

4. Art Prints 

Art is an expression of love. Art can also be interpreted and appreciated in so many forms, one of which, is art prints. Society6 is a great platform to browse through thousands of artist’s works and get a print that you think best describes your loved one as well.

5. Cook for them!

The simplest form of love can also be expressed through the act of cooking for someone. It doesn’t have to be driven by romance, but a true appreciation for the other person. Make a simple one dish dinner, or prepare a three course meal. Either way, cooking for someone you love is almost always going to be a lovely gesture.

6. Write them a card

We don’t tell the people we love enough just how much they mean to us. Getting someone a really nice gift is great, but if your giftee prefers something from the heart, a handwritten note or card will do the trick. You don’t have to get mushy or cliché, just simply tell them what their presence has meant to you and let them know that you care about them too.

7. Gift an Activity: Attend a Pottery Class Together 

Rather than just having a meal, why not consider an art class! Imagine being able to create art with your hands, and to have a fun time bonding while you’re at it.


So, whether you’re shopping for your significant other, or best friend, we hope we got you covered with the gifts above! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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