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Going Green With Gryphon Tea

January 18, 2021

Gone is the challenging 2020 and we’re bursting with positivity for the brand-new year! Ever since we ventured on our journey on sustainability, we’ve gained support from our tea lovers who share the same concerns about the environment. Always looking for ways to be more natural to reduce the impact on our Mother Earth, we believe that all the small things we do add up to make a big difference.

Keen to know more about our environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainability practices? Read on!


Simple is better, and that’s true for our packaging too. We do not care if our teabag isn’t bleached white, because it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Ditching the need for strings and tea tags, the number of materials and manpower required for our packaging is reduced too. Yay!
Stripped bare to minimize waste, our Artisan Selection teas are packed in bio-degradable silken corn sachets which are 100% compostable – it is degradable at specific temperature and humidity; hence home composts are likely unable to provide the needed environment for the decomposition of these sachets. The material is safe, non-toxic and does not melt in water. We’re aware that this isn’t the perfect solution, but consider it preferable as we continue to work on improving our recyclability.

Image Source: koayhk7

While we do so, why not explore other ways to use waste materials to save the planet and your wallet – upcycling with tea. Upcycling our tea sachets that are completely free of unnecessary strings and tags not only creatively repurposes waste into new products, the end results have an increased environmental and economic value as well. Here are some tips from the team:

1. Beauty life hacks:

Place cooled green tea sachets over tired eyes after your cuppa as a quick beauty fix. The caffeine helps to reduce puffiness and make under-eye circles less visible. Otherwise, try re-steeping the used tea sachets and let it cool down before soaking a facial mask in tea and putting it gently on your face, like the way you do regular facial mask. Tea helps smooth your skin and the polyphenols and vitamins in tea keeps skin tight and healthy. Rinse after, your skin will thank you for it.

Image Source: bookandteapairings

2. Scent bags:

Remove used tea leaves from the sachet and dry your Gryphon Tea on some kitchen roll in the sun, or in the oven on very, very low heat. Place the dried tea leaves into little muslin bags, add 2-3 drops of essential oil in it to scent your drawers and cupboards.

3. Make your own deodorizer:

Put used tea bags to dry a little before placing it in the back of your refrigerator to soak up bad odours. Alternatively, stick used tea bags into your stinky shoes or gym bags to deodorize them – simply allow the tea bag to dry completely before using.

4. Beauty bath treat:

Here’s a tip – tannins in tea can keep your skin tight and smooth. Hence, the next time you are done with your tea, drop the used tea sachet into your bath tub and let the tannins left in the leaves work their magic.


Back to the basics – reduce, reuse and recycle. To reduce waste in landfills, we use recyclable cartons in our warehouse and also urge our tea lovers to recycle our tea boxes, tea envelopes and shipping boxes in recycling bins in the neighbourhood.

Image Source: jammingscones


Refreshed after downing your Botanically Cold Brewed™ Sparkling Teas? Don’t forget to give them a second life, as we have shared with you last year, or simply recycle them by placing them in the recycling bins – a gentle reminder, do give your used bottles a good rinse before you do so!


Are you into our seasonal blends? Chances are, you own a couple of our Gryphon Tea tins then! Keep the spirit of sustainability going, through upcycling the used tins in creative ways:

1. DIY Spice Rack

Label your empty tea tins and use them to store your favourite spices, sugar, herbs, granola, cookies or nuts.

2. Give it another life, literally!

Our empty tea tins are rather handy-sized as planters for growing herbs or flowers. Create your mini garden by repotting overgrown herbs and flowers into our colourful tea tins.

3. Homemade candles

Thinking of a beautiful and thoughtful gift? Have a go at upcycling our used tea tins as containers for homemade candles. Bonus points if you’re making a tea scented candle!

4. It’s time for restock!

Fret not if you’re running low on your favourite Gryphon gourmet teas – simply stock up and replenish the empty tea tin with the new batch of tea!

We certainly hope you’re eager to get started on some of the above sustainable life hacks we have shared. We’re honoured to have you walk through our journey towards 100% sustainability with us; only by respecting the environment can we also ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the same quality teas we do today. Find out more about Gryphon Tea’s Sustainability Program on our website.

Let’s continue to keep Earth Sparkling.