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Ideas for Iced Teas Garnishes

July 27, 2016

When hosting parties, food, drinks and tiny decoratives make a huge difference. Punch up your punch bowls and iced teas like you would with cocktails and other alcoholic mixes. Although iced teas and mocktails are clean drinks, they deserve to shine at the party too. Here’s our snackable ideas on how to up your iced tea servings.


1. Glassware

You don’t need to spend a lot on glassware but investing in a set that could last for years can be worth the price. Find a set that allows creative expression with garnishing and without limiting its usage to the type of beverage. We suggest Riedel O Riesling. With its curved mouth, perfect for iced and cold brew teas. Like wine, give your glass a gentle swirl to enjoy the aromatic brew before taking a sip.Riedel-O-Riesling-700x526


2. Picks

Pick on berries and twisted lemons to garnish your shaken iced teas. Choosing thematic picks could also elevate your hosting experience – especially if serving top-notch drinks are a top priority.




3. Real ingredients

Don’t be scared to use real ingredients to complement your iced teas. Lemons are basic and they never go wrong, however, experimenting with mints leaves, basils, chopped berries and even edible flowers add a creative touch and refreshing, naturally sweet flavours to your iced teas.IMG_2806_750x526

Berry Blast Mocktail by Jamie’s Italian Singapore. See recipe here.


4. Serving Trays

Now that you’ve got the glasses and garnishes, try using unique trays for servings. We recommend Tonfisk Tea Tray. Made of wood veneer and treated with flax oil, this durable tray withstands both hot and cold temperature. Flip it around to elevate your servings – perfect for weekend mornings in bed too! 

Tonfisk Tray_526x700


If you’re hosting a party or hosted one over the weekend, share with us your ideas and photos and we might blog about it. We’d love to see your creative expressions and most importantly, have lots of fun!

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