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Practising social-consciousness with tea

May 26, 2017

As we enter the month of Ramadan for our Muslim peers in Singapore, we’d like to salute all of our friends for their patience and spirits to go through the everyday with no water or food. 


While our friends practise self-consciousness, for the rest of us who are not fasting, we could learn a thing or two too. Practising social-consciousness towards our fasting peers could be as easy as cold brewing them some teas in the office in the morning to take on their way home from work. For most companies end at 6pm and some 7pm, most of our friends barely arrive home on time to break their fast.


So this tiny gesture helps to get them to hydrate when the time calls if they’re still stuck in public or work. (And then maybe, it could earn you some Ketupat points too..)

Gryphon Raja Ulam

Cold-Brew Raja Ulam


You’ll need

2 Sachets of Raja Ulam or any teas your Friend may love
500ml of cold or room temperature water
500ml bottle or mason jar


You’ll have to

Fill up the bottle with 500ml of the cold or room temperature water. Steep in 2 bags of Raja Ulam tea. If using loose leaf tea, use about a spoonful. For other teas in sachet such as the Gryphon Artisan Selection, use 2 teabags as well. Chill brew in the office chiller and don’t forget to give it to your office friend before they leave! 


Being kind to others doesn’t need to take much time and it starts as small as being conscious of the people around us. Maybe, a simple hello may brighten up someone’s day so always be kind as you’d like kindness and love to enter your life!.

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