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Make a Decadent Chocolate Hojicha Latte

July 7, 2016

There are so many kinds of comfort food and drinks out there and to each its own. But if there’s one thing nobody can say no to, it’s chocolates. Yes!   As a child, we’ve always seen them as special joyful treats that we can’t get enough of. As we grow older, the idea of chocolates… Read more

10 Chocolate Festive Recipes For The Best Easter Ever

March 3, 2016

By Jovita Ang    10. Baileys Panna Cotta. Recipe and image via Call Me Cupcake   Chocolate’s always a good idea. And any festivities provide all the more, a better reason to bring on all the chocolate indulgence. We may not be confident of winning the Easter egg hunt, but we’re so ready to take… Read more




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Easy Festive Recipe: Xoxolat Hojicha Chocolate Tarts

December 3, 2015

By Jovita Ang      If you’ve mistaken baking soda for baking powder, salt for sugar or corn starch for flour, this recipe’s for you. If you’ve never touched a electric whisk before, this recipe’s for you. If baking scares you like no other, then this recipe’s also for you. A wicked chocolate ganache with… Read more