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3 Tea Alternatives To Coffee

September 26, 2016

Having lesser caffeine level than coffee, teas are mostly drank during midday teatime or in the evenings to wind down. Equally like coffee, teas have its own set of health benefits too. We’ve round up our favourite tea picks to trade in our cup of Joe for that extra kick of vigour.   Green Tea Loaded with… Read more

Coffee Like You’ve Never Had It Before

April 29, 2016

By Jovita Ang      You’re probably familiar with lavender tea, cookies, cakes and ice-cream. But lavender coffee?  If like me, you like your coffee in classic fashion: unsweetened and with a good dose of steamed milk, chances are you’re more skeptical than excited about a cup of lavender latte. A signature by The Bravery cafe,… Read more

Portraits: Matthew McLauchlan

November 17, 2015

By Jovita Ang     Singaporeans are a bunch of discerning diners; the sort who will very willingly wake up at the dawn of day for their favourite weekend breakfast even if it means a 40-minutes drive away. Our picky palates are not impossible to please, but are quick to identify café and restaurants that… Read more