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February 9, 2021

To usher in new beginnings for a bountiful Year of the Ox, let’s try out Marie Kondo’s famous KonMari method – a possible solution to help you permanently declutter for the ultimate spring clean.

Going Green With Gryphon Tea

January 18, 2021

Gone is the challenging 2020 and we’re bursting with positivity for the brand-new year! Ever since we ventured on our journey on sustainability, we’ve gained support from our tea lovers who share the same concerns about the environment. Always looking for ways to be more natural to reduce the impact on our Mother Earth, we… Read more

Bottoms up! Turn those tea packaging into works of art!

January 15, 2020

Now that you’ve clinked bottles and enjoyed that botanically cold brewed sparkling tea, what’s next? In the past year, we’ve been hearing all about recycling and reusing, and that got us motivated to contribute and play a part in moving towards sustainability. Repurposing is one good way to start your recycling habits! Instead of throwing… Read more