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Tastes of Singapore – Singapura Spice

August 1, 2019


When you start seeing houses, buildings and streets decked out in a red/white colourway with Singapore flags flying high, then you know August is finally here! August is one of the most interesting months to be in Singapore as everyone starts to unconsciously hum iconic National Day songs and every iteration of Singapore-themed food and drinks start to appear.


Here at Gryphon Tea Company, we have our very own interpretation of the tastes and flavour experiences of Singapore in our Singapura Spice blend. This blend is one of four in our Memoire Du Voyage collection. The collection seeks to present guests with a travel experience in a cup of tea. Each blend is curated according to our Master Tea Blender’s personal travel experiences in Singapore and around the region. Everything from the ingredients used, to the final box design was intentionally chosen to represent the breadth and depth of Asian flavours and culture.


Singapura Spice pays homage to the smorgasbord of cultures and cuisines that has been introduced and slowly weaved into our local cuisine. The key ingredient in this blend is the humble curry leaf. Curry leaf is used in a variety of Asian dishes such as Chinese chilli crab, Malay fried chicken and Indian curries too. Thus the curry leaf was incorporated into the blend to celebrate Singapore’s multi-ethnic culinary paradise.

This green tea is also blended with some sweet basil, lemongrass, mint, candied mangoes and pineapples, staying true to the tropical and Asian theme of the tea. The tropical mix of fruits gives the tea a fragrant caramel-like aroma layered with a subtle taste of spice. The tea pairs well with local snacks like rainbow kueh and ondeh ondeh too!

We love using this blend for cold brewing as well because it’s so refreshing on a warm afternoon. We’ve also tried infusing this tea into a cocktail and it turned out so well! Just imagine a citrusy/tangy summer themed daiquiri. Trust us, you will not regret making this. Find the recipe for our Sunny Singapura cocktail here.

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  1. This is very beautiful! I am a big tea lover, I would like to drink every kind of Singapore tea. I hope that someday I will do it. Of course, thank you for this information.

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