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Get Blending – Your Guide to Tea Blends in 2017

February 7, 2017

Originating from China around 2750 BC, tea is almost always connected with English tea rooms. Accompanied with cake, shortbread biscuits, sugar and milk. Elements from a time when an English proprietor successfully made it popular amongst aristocrats and royalty, who took their choice beverage in distinguished tea rooms and pleasure gardens. Today, tea of all grades (there are seven of them) are as easily available as day to day necessities. And pictures of tea leaves in a strainer or teabag dipped in simmering hot water show up with a simple google image search on this age old beverage. 


So what really goes into your regular cup of tea? Maybe you thought your daily English breakfast tea is simply a sachet of black tea leaves, think again. Tea blends are actually common affair to ensure a consistent taste in every cup of off-the-shelf tea. Blending occurs most with black tea because of its popularity in producing tea bags.


So now that we’ve demystified tea blends a little, let’s look into blends created with natural oils and ingredients. Unlike creating a blended coffee, teas can be blended naturally with flowers, fruits, herbs, and food grade essential oils. If you already drink tea and wish to explore the seemingly bewildering world of other tea blends, begin your frolic with this simple guide in hand.



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