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Teas for Chinese New Year

January 5, 2017


While we welcome the new year in the western calendar, we’re also coming close to the Chinese New Year which falls on the 28th January 2017. As we excite for the normality such as beautiful spreads of delicacies, strings of warm, glowing lanterns, dazzling firework displays and the bustle of families getting together for spring cleaning, we almost forgot the importance of tea in the Lunar Celebration.



Tea symbolizes a couple of meanings depending on the occasion. And in this Lunar New Year, it symbolizes respect and family gatherings. Tea also promotes health and what better way to start the year by sharing a cup of good health. 


In this year of the Rooster which is known for having observant, courageous and talented personalities, here’s our top gift picks to complement your Rooster peers!


Gryphon Grand Cru | Iron Goddess of Mercy
Legend has it that the Iron Goddess of Mercy tea was planted and harvested by a poor, kind-hearted farmer after dreaming of the Guan Yin who told him to look for the shoot behind a cave for this tea. In which, the shoot grew in abundance and was shared with the farmer’s family and neighbors. No better explanation to why this oolong tea is perfect for the new year. 

This oolong brews a beautiful sweet and aromatic notes of florals and comes in an airtight tin canister. See more.

Gryphon Grand Cru | Imperial Pu’Erh
Earthy, mushroomy on the first and sweet and floral after a couple of brews, this black tea comes packed in an abundance of health benefits. Helps with digestion and prevents illnesses, this tea is perfect to start the year with. Share this with friends and family to show signs of care, love and respect this Lunar New Year. Best brewed at 60 seconds or under, this tea changes in profile, making it an enjoyable and surprising experience. Comes in an airtight tin canister. See more.


Gryphon Grand Cru | Beauty of the East
Be captivated by the velvety floral taste of this oolong tea from the region of Taoyuan in Taiwan which excites the palate with Emmental Cheese & chocolate desserts. Best  Comes in an airtight tin canister. See more.


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