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Bottoms up! Turn those tea packaging into works of art!

January 15, 2020

Now that you’ve clinked bottles and enjoyed that botanically cold brewed sparkling tea, what’s next? In the past year, we’ve been hearing all about recycling and reusing, and that got us motivated to contribute and play a part in moving towards sustainability. Repurposing is one good way to start your recycling habits! Instead of throwing an item away, we can find a new use for it by modifying it, or by using the item as is in a new way, it’s a new perspective to give life to an item that would otherwise have been sadly disposed and contribute to our serious climate change. Have you got an idea on how you can go about repurposing your Gryphon Tea products?

Fret not as we’ve got you covered right here with some fun and creative, DIY home deco craft ideas that will not only bring out your thrifty side, but also spruce up any interior or exterior in a flash by giving those glass bottles and tea boxes a second life. Here’s how we do it:

Mini Floral Centrepiece

Small, dainty flowers were practically made for recycled Gryphon Tea glass bottles. Brighten up your living space by making a cute mini floral centrepiece! To pull together an environmentally-friendly, affordable and easy everyday centrepiece for your vanity top or any corner of your house, you just need a few fresh or faux elements and colours:


  • Any Gryphon Tea cold brew glass bottle, washed and dried
  • Scissors
  • Ball of twine
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks (or substitute with heavy-duty double-sided tape)
  • Stalks of dried flowers or the brightest blooms you can find


  1. 1. Remove sticker label from the glass bottle
  2. 2. Wrap twine around the bottom of the bottle and hot-glue it in place (you may substitute hot-glue with heavy-duty double-sided tape)
  3. 3. Trim the flower stalk to the length of your preference, place the stalks of dried or fresh flowers into the glass bottle (don’t forget to add water if you’re using fresh blooms!)

Simple as that! Now, doesn’t that pop of colour add some vibrancy and cheerfulness to your room?

Sparkling Night Light

With that cold brewed sparkling tea polished off, let’s sparkle on! Get crafty with some fairy lights to add some magic to your bedroom with your very own sparkling night light for a beautiful year-round display! Here’s what you will need:


  • Any Gryphon Tea cold brew glass bottle, washed and dried
  • A strand of copper wire LED fairy lights (Choose the warm LED kind for a cosier feel!)
  • Batteries (for battery-operated fairy lights)


  1. 1. Remove sticker label from the glass bottle
  2. 2. Feed a strand of fairy lights into the glass bottle, leaving the end with the battery pack or plug outside of the bottle
  3. 3. Slowly twist on the cap of the glass bottle, be careful not to use too much force or twist too tightly
  4. 4. Light up the fairy lights and hide the power source (battery pack or plug) away from view

And there you have it! Netflix and chill will never be the same with that illuminating, cosy DIY sparkling night light of yours. Make a few more of such sparkling night lights and use them as decorations for parties and occasions all year round!

CNY Wreath Deco

Wished it was still Christmas? Why not repurpose your Christmas wreaths and old Chinese New Year decorations! Extract elements such as the wooden wreath and faux cherry blossoms, or even add a pop of colour to the festive decorations by recycling and incorporating our colourful tea boxes! There’s no right or wrong – simply put your creative juices together to DIY an environmentally-friendly Chinese New Year decoration, just like how we did!

We hope you will enjoy the above repurposing tips! Don’t forget to tag us and share with us what are some other ways you can recycle or reuse our Gryphon Tea products. Remember, a little effort from everyone goes a long way. Here’s to building an environmentally-friendly future together!

Let’s keep our Earth Sparkling. Let’s RECYCLE.

Cheers, LX

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